Team Ohhh Dance- Art- Mentoring

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I have been staying busy!  Continuing to make sure I am being involved in all ways that benefit the youth and enhances them, using the arts.


From the point of touchdown, in august, after 8 weeks of Directing the Dance Program at Camp Chateaugay in NY, I have been on the move!  From becoming a more integral part as a lead facilitator , site coordinator and mentor with South Florida Cares Mentoring Movement, to teaching dance and running a volunteer based arts program in Overtown, Miami.  There has been no shortage in things to do however there is always a need for more people being involved.


I will be gradually updating the TOD website with all the AMAZING and FUN accomplishments met this year, with our young people.

There has been relationships built with:

*Silent Revolution Miami, The *Perez Art Museum, and Rush Philanthropic (Rush Arts)

Relationships flourishing with:

*The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and *Genius Factory


And an amazing after school program growing at Williams Park in Overtown called, #SuperFriends !  I am/We are also looking for volunteers who want to share their art or craft during our various 10 week seasons.  February will be the launch of our 3rd Season!


Amazing people are coming together and really doing some magical things to grow our youth and I couldn’t be more humbled and thankful to be a part!

Above: Student from #SuperFriends working on his sheet music in Piano Class.


Please, stay tuned and get involved!

I am/We are currently in need of volunteers who would like to mentor young men and women in alternative schools and detention centers.  These young people are middle school age to High school age (12-18).

Below: Our young men in the mentoring circle engaging in our sankofa mediation that happens every session.