Paint One Get One, Art Charity Event!

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Soooo… I am in the principal’s office, over at UCP Miami’s Diamond Minds Leadership Academy, talking enthusiastically about my summer of creativity.  The principal then tells me about this Miami Gardens Activation she wants to launch within the school.  She wants to essentially turn the school into an art gallery and hold an opening exhibition in April!  Ummmm…. Hi! YES! Lets do it!


Aside from reaching out to a couple of artist to do work, personally I decide it would be great to hold a Paint one Get one event where we would purchase a bunch of material, I would stretch out canvas, and invite certain artist to come out and make a painting to donate to the school and another that they could monetize!  SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY ON BOARD!  I ordered the materials and began stretching canvas for a week and change… There was a little sweat, but NO blood and Nooooooo Tears!  I provided beverages, sushi, snacks and music and we vibed and created together! #SuccessIMG_2002









What was even more of a success was the wonderful people that came out and donated their craft and their time!  We had amazing artist Marcus Blake and  Saul Estrada , we had landscape architect Damon Sanchez, Director of PR & Marketing at the National Young Arts Foundation Dejha Carrington and many more!  Just sharing their love of art and giving back!  Truly felt and still feeling the love!  Thank YOU TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!IMG_2005









All works from the event will be displayed at the April Opening, but here’s a sneak peek 😉


IMG_2044Courtesy of:  Natalia Rodriguez








IMG_2060Courtesy of: Dejha Carrington








IMG_2038Courtesy of: Saul Estrada