Octavia Speaks- Guest Presenter for Tommy Davidson

Posted on 01/09/15 No Comments

As if being able to share your story to inspire others wasn’t enough…  Ohhh was also asked to be a presenter for the one and only, Tommy Davidson.  An actor who she personally grew up enjoying in a large variety of movies and her favorite TV show, Martin.  Ohhh presented Tommy with the esteemed ” Miracle Maker Award” that is awarded to people who have overcome huge adversity and become iconic in their own right while still continuing to help the community.  Tommy’s story is a very unique and unassuming one.  Though it has been said comedians jokes and witty banter come from a dark place, it is still humbling to hear what they have actually gone through.  Tommy shared about his youth growing up and being adopted by a Caucasian family and how his biological mother actually threw him away as a baby.  Tommy share on how he didn’t see color until he was met with racism (all said while making us laugh) may have made some of us wonder how he could even see the brighter side.


Ohhh and Tommy were immediately kindred spirits!  In Ohhh’s presentation speech, she serenaded Tommy with a song he sang in her favorite show, Martin.  In the scene Tommy (as Varnel Hill) talked about giving back to the children and sang about bouncing them on your knee, as made popular by Bill Cosby’s character on The Cobsy Show.  There were many laughs and a few tears but overall everyone shared,  helped change and are making a difference!

(Pictured Below: Ohhh, Tommy Davidson, Jonai Morse)