Team Ohhh Dance

Team Ohhh Dance’s main goal is to help students gain confidence, understanding, and discipline to learn the importance of individuality and innovation, through movement while incorporating other art mediums

Ohhh has been using Team Ohhh Dance to collaborate with many nonprofits and arts organization like, NYCares, Project Reach Youth, The Bronx Arts Ensemble, The Barnyard, The I Have A Dream foundation, South Florida Cares Mentoring, Urgent INC, The Institute of Contemporary Art, “Art in the Sky”, Rush Philanthropic, Diamond Minds Transformational Leadership Academy,  the Precious Dreams Foundation and more, to uplift and empower the youth through dance and other art mediums. She has been teaching in the Public School system in both New York City and Miami, for the last 15 years training students.  Her ability to create an emotionally safe, creative, disciplined, organized, and innovative learning environment fosters a transformational growth that surpasses the craft.

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to free, liberate and empower the youth and the youth that resides in all, using various art mediums. Utilizing one collaboration at a time to bring us closer to building communities and healing the mind, spirits and hearts of those set to mold our future.


”I can’t even describe it. Every experience, every interaction with Ms. Ohhh compounds my respect for her and my respect for myself. She inspires me to be a better dancer, a better artist and a better person. Each movement has such room for passion and style that I never question myself when I dance with her. I just do and I love it. I always know that I am safe in a lesson even though I’m not in my comfort zone and I always try to remember that feeling in everything else that I do.” —Kate Rose, 4-year program student and 2014 Team Ohhh Dance Assistant.